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FAQ & Policies


Below you will find general FAQ which include my general shop policies. Please read them carefully before making a purchase. When you submit an order with the burning circle you have agreed to the purchase of the item, it’s listing (when available), including photo's and/or designs, and the policies below.



The burning circle is a one-woman business composed of myself,  Nic, as the artist, designer, silversmith, screenprinter, and artist. A Secular Witch born of Magyar, Strega and Vještice descent, much of my art is heavily laced with the old world, the old goddesses, gods and the dead. Occult inspirations from a very peculiar set of eyes.

Every item on this site is handmade, from start to finish. All jewellery is entirely hand fabricated using as environmentally safe methods as possible. “Entirely Handmade” Jewellery is both extremely labour intensive and extremely precious to behold. Every single component is made by hand, by Nic. The only prefabricated items ever utilized is Sterling Silver chain, this is due to the extremely low cost of prefabricated chain and heavy amount of labour involved in handmade fine chain. It is always mentioned when prefabricated chain is used in the product listing of all applicable necklaces and pendants. Other than that, absolutely every piece starts from pieces of wire, sheet or ingot. Every bezel/stone cup is made to each stone, and all adornments are entirely fabricated from my imagination. From fabrication to final assembly and polish, each piece encompasses a piece of me, my soul, my art. 

Each screen printed item is done entirely by hand using environmentally safe methods. Screen printing is a form of relief printing that has many variations, of which I use photo emulsion. A Photo emulsion chemical is placed onto a fine “silkscreen” and once cured, a transparency is places over the emulsion to develop, this is where the image is magically imposed onto the screen. The Screen is washed and prepped for printing, where ink is pushed across the screen with a hard squeegee. Each colour on the print is a different screen and print, to compose one final multi-dimensional image. All screen printed art is designed entirely by Nic, on various vintage items.



All items will ship via Canada Post Expedited, which includes insurance and tracking. This insurance covers damages during shipping. Other carriers/services can be used at the purchasers request/risk. When you package is shipped, you will receive an e-mail with your tracking number via Canada Post. Please allow 24 hours for tracking information to appear online. Shipping costs are a fee of Canada Post, and therefore are non refundable by the burning circle. 


Items that are listed as “M A D E”, will be shipped within 2-5 business days of purchase and arrive based on Canada Posts shipping schedule. Internationally shipped items may be subject to customs fee’s and are the responsibility of the purchaser.

Items that are “Handmade-to order” or “Custom” have varying processing times, either can be found in their product listings ("Handmade-to order") or will be approved upon the time of deposit ("Custom orders"). Please read the listings carefully, and account for both the shipping and the handmade fabrication time in your schedule. All Custom orders, and Handmade-to orders arrive based on Canada posts shipping schedule. Internationally shipped items may be subject to customs fee’s and are the responsibility of the purchaser.

It is your responsibility to provide the correct mailing address and to be aware of your country’s import taxes and duty fees. All orders will be marked “merchandise” on the customs form, no exceptions. If your package is returned, you, the purchaser, will be responsible for shipping costs for me to resend your returned package. The burning circle is not responsible for lost or stolen packages, they are insured. If you believe your package was stolen or is lost please contact your local post office and customs office.


All clothing garments where applicable have sizing charts. If you are unsure, please contact the store at the link below.

Clothing may be exchanged for a different size, with the exceptions being:

  1. All goods must be in original condition, unsoiled and completely new otherwise.

  2. All goods to be exchanged must be communicated first to the store, email below.

  3. All exchanges must take place in a timely manner of 15 calendar days from receiving the item(s).

  4. Shipping costs are both the responsibility of the purchaser and a cost of Canada Post, therefore the burning circle cannot refund them.

Due to the handmade nature of my jewellery, resizing is offered, for a fee. This is why it is very important to know your size before you buy. All ring jewellery is US ring sizes, which are nominal from 1-16(+). All bangle, cuff and chain sizes are in the product listing and are in mm and inches.

The most reliable way to find out your ring size is to stop by a local jeweller, or any jewellery store that sells engagement rings. Keep in mind that ring sizes can change if your weight fluctuates so please make sure the size you are providing is accurate.  

Accurate ring sizes are also required if you are buying a ring as a gift. If you do not have this and would like the ring to be a surprise please reach out as there are ways we can figure it out.



ALL PRODUCT sales are final and refunds will not be permitted; this is because of the labour intensive nature of handmade jewellery. Returns will be permitted, on a case by case basis. All returns must be in a timely manner of 15 calendar days from receiving the item(s). ALL returns will be issued in either store credit for value of merchandise only, or an exchange if applicable/desired. Shipping costs are the responsibility of the purchaser. When you submit an order, you have agreed to the purchase of the item, it’s listing (when available), including photo's and/or designs.

ALL Custom and Handmade-to order jewellery is final sale. Under no circumstances will any item that is “Custom” or “Handmade-to order” be refunded or returned. This is due to the immensely intricate, personal and time intensive nature of handmade custom jewellery. 

All the information about the“Handmade-to order” pieces can be found in their listings; which include: sizes, detailed descriptions, weights and measurements (where applicable).

All "Custom" made items, much like when you get a tattoo, will require a deposit at the time of design, which is put toward the total cost of the Custom Order. The design is subject to the approval of the purchaser, and production will only begin upon deposit and design approval, design approval includes applicable sizing, PLEASE BE SURE OF SIZE.




Sterling silver may tarnish over time due to oxidization. To slow down this process store your jewellery in a warm, dry place, and always take off when sleeping, swimming or in the shower. DO NOT USE silver polish solutions, sponge cups, or anything of the like as it will damage your stones (if any) and remove the patina. DO USE a clean polishing cloth or a cotton cloth with toothpaste (yes this is real life, a little goes a long way) to remove any stubborn tarnish. Please contact me if you would like your piece re-patina’ed.
Your stoned jewellery is very special, please keep in mind I provide all special care notes about my pieces in their product listing, which are always available for reference by any customer. 

Silkscreened Goods

Wash in cold water with like colours, DO NOT TUMBLE DRY; hang dry. Iron from backside only. Some items are printed on linen or other fine textiles, please keep in mind these items require special care. 

ALL images, art, products and designs are copyright of the burning circle. The use of said articles without expressed permission from, Nic Decembrini, the burning circle, is prohibited.

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