B R O K E N M I R R O R S ring / lepidolite / small shield

B R O K E N M I R R O R S ring / lepidolite / small shield

Handmade from start to finish this ring is hand fabricated from 100% sterling silver and set with Lepidolite. This ring is already made in a size 6.5.
This ring is a statement piece that can be worn everyday due to its comfotable band. It is very sturdy, made with a hand fabricated double wire cage band, making it extremely comfortable to wear, seriously it's like a glove for your finger (see photos).
The back plate also features a stamping/cut out of the chemical symbol for lithium. Lithium is present in lepidolite, adding to its calming effects.
With its soft lilac colour and soothing energy, lepidolite is a startlingly beautiful stone. Lepidolite, while often found in small pieces within larger pieces of quartz, is actually a form of mica, which is often used in eyeshadow and makeup. Lepidolite is soft (only a 2.5 to 3.5 on the Mohs hardness scale) and has been used for a long time as a source of lithium, a highly useful metal for many reasons. Lepidolite is found all over the world, but the lilac variety is mainly found in the country of Zimbabwe. The soothing energy of lepidolite is something that so many people can benefit from. The pace of modern life is stressful, and sometimes there is truly nothing better than a classic, calming stone.


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    Each piece, whether handmade to order, made, or custom, is a wearable piece of art and needs to be treated as such. Sterling silver may tarnish over time due to oxidization. To slow down this process store your jewellery in a warm, dry place, and always take off when sleeping, swimming or in the shower. Metals can tarnish and lose their patinas more quickly if they get wet, washed with chemicals often or have exposure to perfumes or oils. Also, please remove your pieces before any strenuous activities such as heavy lifting, fast hand /body movements etc that may have you moving quickly as these are handmade pieces and can be fragile. Do your best to treat your jewelry like the unique piece of art that it is and it will remain in good condition for ages. For cleaning; DO NOT USE silver polish solutions, sponge cups, or anything of the like as it will damage your stones (if any) and remove the patina. DO USE a clean polishing cloth or a cotton cloth with toothpaste (yes this is real life, a little goes a long way) to remove any stubborn tarnish. Please contact me if you would like your piece re-patina’ed.



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