R A R E - g e r m a n  c a s t l e -  S P O O N  R I N G

R A R E - g e r m a n c a s t l e - S P O O N R I N G

Up-cycled hand-finished vintage souvenir spoon rings. An already made item, they make super comfortable thumb rings and are great for gifts because they are adjustable. Great for everyday wear, they are very sturdy and made with an open style band (that is adjustable -/+ two sizes)(this ring is a size 8) one of a kind!

***RARE MISPRINTED SPOON*** this spoon is a misprint, meaning there was an error in the casting; the letters in the banner do not read the full name of the castle. This gives even more uniqueness and quirkiness to this piece! 

Lichtenstein Castle (Schloss Lichtenstein) is a privately-owned Gothic Revival castle located in the Swabian Jura of southern Germany. It was designed by Carl Alexander Heideloff and its name means "shining stone" or "bright stone".
Price is for one ring only.

Please note: these are actual souvenir spoons, cut, formed and finished into rings.
They are either nickel silver, pewter or brass, plated with silver.
Contact me in the custom order section if you have spoons or other silverware you would like to make into jewellery.