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Introducing: Another witchcraft blog, but slow...?

Welcome, graciously, to my cabin in the forest in the traditional territory of the Ktunaxa people, Yaqan Nuykiy nation, in beautiful K?aqawakanmituqnik or"river running into and out again" located in so-called "British Columbia". I am Nic, A secular pagan & folk witch, learning and sharing respectful practice and unlearning colonialism. I am the Slow Hag (she/her) and my writing comes from a place of both tradition and evolution in a time of great upheaval and change.

Allow me to explain my vision & what the name 'Slow Hag' really means;

Born a solar Capricorn, lunar Virgo & ascending Piscean, I am a rigidly flexible person (what?). Compassionately, I will burn down every bridge in sight, sigh, and then cry for what I just lost (myself...?). My sun and moon signs are both grounded in earth, but my ascending (rising) sign is watery and most certainly not grounded in anything ever. If you have knowledge of or believe in astrology you may have surmised the following already, having joining lunar and solar signs that both believe in order, logic and analyzing everything and an ascending sign that forces my "watery emotional dreams" on my sleeve, that can change, a lot, is kind of like the universe is tearing me in 18 directions, not necessarily to my objection either. I can become immersed in organization, and then over think one component of something, like the time I spent two weeks making a ceremonial mini-coffin that I was just going to burn in about 2 minutes..(sigh).

I chose the name 'Slow Hag' because of the content of the blog; it is about my slow, somewhat imperfect version of pagan folk magic & witchcraft practice.Terms like "slow fashion" beckon thoughts of great attention to craft, each item being original and bespoke. I believe my craft to be unique and made of my own purpose; the path of wellness and self evolution. Witchcraft pushes me to do my shadow work both as a colonizer on this land and as a part of my mental wellness.

The meaning and connotations of the word "hag" are not lost on me.

Through craft and obsession with (actual) history, I have landed on the term "hag" as a celebration of being a woman of reckoning. In other posts I plan to delve deeper into this topic, but know that

the term "hag" is a commitment to the unearthing of fact in practice, to a commitment to honesty, respect and liberation of the oppressed and underrepresented.

Through honesty, transparency and general silliness (but make it respectful), my goal is to create a space for sharing the mistakes and lessons that come with practicing my craft in a revolutionary world. In my introduction you may have noticed I mentioned the traditional lands on which I am living, or that I have used the word "colonialism" this is because a major component of this blog is to share what I have learned (and unlearned) in my journey of dismantling white supremacy in my own present world (to put it super long but bluntly). I am a white woman witch sharing what I have learned and what I continue to learn. It is my sincerest hope that through sharing all this, I may create a space to help others learn about colonialism in craft, how the impact of their practice can help change the world (magic..??!)

and to be comfortable with their own "Slow Hag" style of Witchcraft,

in a perfectly imperfect way.

& with that,

so mote it be; b(w)itches.

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